Your Go-To Place for Outstanding Mediterranean Food

Shawarma Press serves the best shawarma in town because we are true to our story and core values, read along!

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Our Food

Made from scratch with authentic recipes and freshly prepared in-house daily, our food is sure to take you to the Mediterranean from the first bite. We are meticulous about our fresh ingredients and spices, high quality meats, freshly prepared salads, sauces, and juices, home-baked pastries, and gourmet desserts. Whether you come in for a soup and salad, a wrap and a beverage, tea and dessert, or all of the above; you will leave with a big smile and a satisfied appetite because our team will go the extra mile to ensure just that!

Our Story

Shawarma Press started with a dream driven by the craving for authentic mediterranean fast food, a concept that was still new to North Texas, so the idea was to open a restaurant that offers a menu that bursts with flavor in a contemporary atmosphere that everyone can enjoy whether you are on the run, or have time to stay and enjoy with friends or family.

Turning the dream into reality took a lot of time and effort, it felt like running a marathon where you can see the finish line but still need to run that one extra mile to get to it and finish the race. We are glad to have fulfilled this dream and are able to share our food with you, take a moment  and savor the flavor! 


Our Core Values

We stand true to our core values: Social Responsibility, Integrity, Trustworthiness, and Excellence. Embraced by everyone on our team, these values are also extended to our customers and community. Our business engages with local charities to ease families’ hunger and give back to the community, something that started locally, but one day will expand globally.