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The perfect starter for the perfect meal


Authentic Flavors for All Taste Buds!

Gyro Style Shawarma Pockets (New)

Gyro Style Shawarma Pockets

2 pita pockets with Beef, Taziki, Onions, and Tomatos

Supreme Wrap (New)

Supreme Wrap

The ULTIMATE Shawarma wrap with 3 proteins and 7 toppings! Here for a Limited Time.

Chicken Shawarma wrap

Chicken Shawarma

ALL NATURAL chicken and pickles in creamy garlic sauce

Beef Shawarma Wrap

Beef Shawarma

PREMIUM beef & lamb mix, tomatoes, onions

Tex Mex wrap

Tex-Mex Press™ Shawarma

ALL NATURAL chicken, bell peppers, onion, cheese in Tex-Mex sauce

Tandoori wrap

Tandoori Press ™ Shawarma

ALL NATURAL chicken, tomatoes, onion, in spicy tandoori sauce

Signature Hummus wrap

Signature Hummus Wrap

Homemade Hummus made from scratch, dressed with salad, pickles

Falafel wrap

Falafel Wrap

Homemade Falafel made from scratch, dressed with salad, pickles, and tahini sauce

Soup & Salad

Fresh Recipes with a Modern Twist


Lentil Soup

Warm, creamy, and perfectly seasoned


Mediterranean Salad

Lettuce, tomatoes, cucumbers, olive oil


Taziki Regular size

Shredded cucumbers, garlic, mint, sour cream


Topped with Chicken, Beef, or Falafel

Over Fries

PREMIUM Fries topped with your choice of protein and sauce. Dressed with shredded cheese

Over Hummus

Homemade Hummus from scratch, topped with grilled chicken, beef, or falafel. Served with Pita bread

Over Rice

Steamed BASMATI rice topped with your choice of protein, sauce, and salad

Over Salad

Mediterranean Salad topped with grilled chicken, beef, or falafel


Satisfy Your Appetite.


Shawarma Platter Arabic Style w/Drink

A platter with a cut-up shawarma wrap of choice, fries, pickles & side sauce. Includes a drink


Customers' Choice Platter w/Drink

A platter with 1 wrap of choice (cut in 1/2), salad, Taziki & side sauce. Includes a drink

Chefs Choice W Drink

Chef's Choice Platter w/Drink

A platter with 1 wrap of choice (cut in 1/2), Falafel, Hummus & side sauce. Includes a drink

Mini Press Tray (6 wraps-Tray)

Family Platter

Our Mini Press tray is made of 6 wraps of your choice cut in 1/2, combined with family fries and family hummus to make a family feast like no other!

Kids Meal

Loved by Kids, Approved by Parents


Kids Meal: Shawarma Melt/Small Fries/Small Drink

2 Triangles of golden pressed flatbread with Cheese and Chicken (or Cheese only). Comes with kid-size fries, drink, and stickers.


Creative Dips


Side Tahini Sauce


Side Tandoori Sauce


Side Garlic Sauce


Side Red Chili Sauce


Side Tex-Mex Sauce


Refreshing Speciality Drinks


Fountain Soda

Coke, Diet Coke, Sprite, Dr.Pepper, Diet Dr. Pepper, Orange Fanta, Blue Powerade, and unsweet Tea


Sweet Lemonade

Homemade from real lemon juice and sweetened with real sugar!


Hot Black Tea

Hot Tea


Bottled Water


For Happier Endings

Cookie Crumb Ice Cream

Pistachio Ice Cream

Baklava Bites

Date Filled Cookie Bites